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Chevron Clutch Bags

Chevron Clutch Bags


Hi! My name is Amber Allen, a 17 year old student from Leicester. Before you ask, this is a blog about all my sewing adventures and my new business – CHEVRON CLUTCH BAGS!

I have been sewing ever since the age of ten when I randomly asked for a sewing machine for Christmas (and I mean random – I knew absolutely no one who could sew!) My mums friend taught me how to set up the sewing machine and sew in a straight line. After that I gradually became more accomplished, learning to sew via the fantastic sewing blogging community and by sewing books. Although it was an unusual hobby for someone who was so young, as none of my friends could sew, I loved how I could create something unique and something that I could be proud of!

Eventually, when I was about thirteen, I got to the stage where I could make my own dresses from a sewing pattern. This was when my passion really set off!! I loved choosing a beautiful dress design and making it in the exact fabric I wanted. It truly is the best feeling in the world when someone asks where you got an outfit from and you say you made it!!

However, during my GCSE’s, I found it hard to find the time to sew during my studies, only able to sew in the summer holidays after I had finished. It was not until I left school in the middle of A levels (after realising I chose the wrong subjects too late! ) that I really started sewing dresses properly and often. After going from studying every day to having nothing to do, I soon got very bored! So I took up the hobby that I loved again, much to my dads annoyance at the cost of it all!!

So how did Chevron Clutch Bags get started I here you ask?!

Well, my aunty was having a party and I decided to make a red dress as it was in aid of the British Heart foundation with a jacket to match. However, I found that I could not find a single bag I liked on the high street to go with my outfit. Using the left over fabric from my jacket, I made my first Chevron Clutch Bag, not knowing that this would be the basis for my future business. At the party I got many compliments for my bag, with lots of people saying that I should start selling them. Chevron Clutch Bags was born 🙂


The outfit and bag that set it all off!

The outfit and bag that set it all off!

As soon as I got home, I started planning my business, deciding which colours and fabrics I should use and a price for the bags. When I had made my first designs, I set up shop accounts with the online craft shop Folksy and ASOS market place. Furthermore, I created Facebook and Twitter accounts to help promote my business, from which I have had interest from fashion blogs and fellow crafters.

Although I am in the very early stages of my business, I really do hope it is a success and that the demand picks up for them soon. I am very inspired by the story of the Cambridge Satchel Bag Company, hoping that the Made in Britain trend will continue to grow in popularity as people support local independent businesses who strive for quality over quantity.

So there it is, the story of the beginning of my business. Sorry for the rather long introduction but I felt it was important to show how I got into sewing and the basis of my business!

I will be using this blog to post images of new designs, my sewing creations, hopefully some tutorials too and of cause just my random musings! (warning I have been known to talk a lot! The phrase verbal diarrhoea has been used!)

Lots of love


Creator of Chevron Clutch Bags


lots of lovex

lots of love x


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